Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Free JVM for Windows Mobile Phones

I was in need to run some java applications on my I-Mate JAM and was having a hard time locating a free or open source JVM for it. After a lot of searching and striking my head against walls finally I found an open source JVM and that is Mysaifu JVM. Its an open source JVM available for free. It doesn't contain any MIDlet Manager means you can not run some applications that require MIDlet Manger for example Opera Mini and Gmail client for mobile phones. But still it could be very helpfull running other java applications on your PDA.

1. How to install
  • Copy the CAB file to \My Documents.
  • Tap the CAB file. 
  • Program is installed under \Program Files\Mysaifu JVM folder.
2. How to uninstall
  • Select "Mysaifu JVM" in "Settings - Remove Programs".

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Atoms said...

Great Work ! it really helped.